We took advantage of having a completely empty condo and treated it like a blank canvas for this client who was starting fresh. To begin with the client identified two pieces of art that he loved and we used them as a springboard for the color palette and style throughout the condo. The two pieces – one above the sofa and the other in his office – were very different in style and color, so the decor serves to pull the look together. We went with clean lines and a masculine look with rich textures and warm tones throughout. He has an enormous collection of books and needed plenty of storage, yet did not want to feel like he was living in a library, so closed storage for the bulk of his collection was a must. We designed custom shelves and cabinets that cover one living room wall and wrap around the corner into the dining niche.The custom cabinetry creates architectural interest in a condo that started out with nothing but plain white drywall. Our client does not have a television, preferring to cover the walls with art and enjoying reading while listening to music. The cabinetry is wired behind the art print so that if he ever changes his mind about TV or sells the condo, it will be a simple installation. The banquette is a comfortable place for him to work when he wants to spread out papers. It easily seats four when the chair from his office, upholstered to match the banquette, is pulled over to the table. The entire condo is pie-shaped due to the curve of the Encore building. We ran with this theme of oblique angles in the office with an original, custom designed rug and an unusual bookcase with angled shelves. The bedroom is contemporary, warm and masculine in style. The upholstered platform bed features fabric like men’s suiting, while luxurious floor to ceiling drapery offer privacy and light control in an abstract texture with a soft metallic sheen. A single, wall-mounted side table hides a charging station where all the personal electronics can charge back up overnight.