Charging Stations Lead Tidiness Battle

Are you constantly battling your counter tops for space with miscellaneous cell phone cords and other electrical devices?  Well you are in luck!  Here are some great ideas for charging stations to keep your personal necessities juiced up and ready without making a mess.

Dream Decks for Lounge Lovers

Looking for a nice place to entertain your guests?  A place to put your feet up and relax on the weekends?  Well check out these inspiring images of dream decks that will show you great ideas in creating an outdoor oasis and will give you a sure case of “the deck effect.”

Maximize Space in Your Small Bathroom

Finding a place to put your shampoo, hair dryer, soap, and toiletries can be extremely tough in a tiny bathroom.  Find out how to fit everything you need into the confines of the smallest bathrooms without feeling claustrophobic and cluttered. Uncramp Your Small Bathroom Houzz– Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel and More » Browse Bath Products on…