As far back as I can remember I’ve been aware of how my own sense of well-being is impacted by my visual and physical environment and my daily life either enhanced or hindered by the arrangement of my belongings. Off-the-shelf options always seem to me to fall short of the mark, where original or customized solutions are deeply satisfying to me in their ability to maximize their impact and for the sheer pleasure of the unique. My own fascination with the interaction of people with their surroundings translates into an ability to fit a design to the person or family who will inhabit the space. I believe looks alone don’t cut it when it comes to our homes.

Over the years in my own home remodeling projects I took a hands-on approach, partly from financial necessity and partly so that I could get exactly what I wanted. I’ve rolled up my sleeves to tile floors, shower enclosures and back-splashes. I’ve built custom cabinetry, sewn custom window treatments and hand-troweled textures on walls and ceilings. All of this hands-on work has given me a good working knowledge of processes and a deep and abiding appreciation for the work done by professional fabricators, trades-persons, artisans and contractors.

Before I became an interior designer I was a full time artist and enjoyed creating sculpture in blown glass, cast glass, bronze and resin. Today I continue to paint and have had the pleasure of creating commissioned work in glass or on canvas for a select few of my clients. I believe that your home is immeasurably improved by a treasured piece of art and enjoy helping clients include art in their home whether they are avid collectors or just finding their first piece.

On a personal note, I live in the forest by the Sandy River with my husband and an ever-evolving menagerie of cats and big, big dogs. On any given Sunday afternoon, my sofa and armchairs are occupied by various sized piles of snoring fur. On a sunny day the only difference is that the snoring happens on our deck. It is my fondest desire to create a home for you where you and yours can be relaxed and live your most satisfying life.