Oregon First Realtors® moved their headquarters to a new location. They wanted a fresh look that was inviting, comfortable, and an energizing space for brokers to meet with clients, attend training classes, or just stop in to use the office space whenever needed. And they needed flexible spaces for classes that often would be larger than the conference room could handle. We filled those requests with a vibrant color palette, and comfortable furnishings. The conference room wall was removed and replaced with a sliding glass room divider. When a class is too large for the conference room, the wall slides open, and lounge chairs swivel around so that the lounge area accommodates class size spill-over.

The lounge area is a comfortable place to meet with clients, and the chair groupings also can be used by brokers who prefer to sit in an armchair with a laptop, instead of a desk.

A computer bar offers quick access to computers for agents on the go. The space also offers private offices for small client meetings, and an area with sit-stand desks.

The brokers love this space and have said that it makes them feel better to be able to bring their clients into a beautiful environment. Call us today, if you’d like to have a business space designed that is a pleasure to work in, functional, and accommodating to your clients!