Also found a badoo profile with good intel

Also found a badoo profile with good intel

Team black-widow actually found the IP address for one of the missing persons. This was done by looking at breach information on one of the services that the subject used.

Team the-seekers were a Spanish speaking team who collaborated in Spanish. It was awesome to see this variety. Great job team! This is the international inclusion that we were hoping to achieve. Notice how they found details on favorite restaurant. This sort of information all adds up and helps.

Defcon Toronto did an amazing job at hosting the event

Team meme-cabin quickly found a lot of information on Facebook then used that to pivot to other sources. Pipl gave up more data on their subject. Good use of limited data to expand their search.

Trace Labs was very pleased to test the model and overall we contributed to the intel on these missing persons

Team the-meme-cabin found lots of info on this missing person which included an email address, a wireclub account and more.

Team duo-q actually found the location of the missing person. This was huge and may no longer be the current location but was a great bit of intel. Nice work!

Team duo-q found a last know picture of the subject. This scored them a lot of points and was likely newly discovered intel. Good work!

Team desk-paw-cheeto found the body of the missing person deceased. This was not updated on the police website yet so the public was not aware that this case is actually closed. The person who committed the was caught.

Overall the event was fun and interesting for contestants. Huge thanks to Defcon Toronto and the generous sponsors who allowed this event to happen.All information will be submitted to the respective authorities. Defcon Toronto will be making this submission and is working directly with their local authorities.The Trace Labs OSINT CTF model is to work with the local information security or hacker group to support them with this and introduce them to OSINT professionals and the missing persons industry.