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Baby It's Cold Outside! Pangaea's Picks: Top Ten Fireplaces

As the rain has started to come down in sheets and the nights have turned COLD, my fireplace has been put into use in a big way. Many years ago, urban living in lofts, condos and apartments meant living without a fireplace. But technology has changed all of that. One potential client who recently contacted me said his one concession in buying a condo in the John Ross Condomiums in the South Waterfront district was to forego a fireplace — but we have a solution for him. Another client in The Wyatt high rise apartments in the Pearl District had a fireplace listed as one of her first items to add to her decor. I was also in the 937 Condominiums in the Pearl District last week and felt sad that for almost half a million dollars, you end up with no fireplace! So, this post is for you! Whether you have a condo in the Pearl or South Waterfront, or a house where there is no built-in fireplace, with today’s technology, there is now a fireplace for everyone, every room, and just about every budget!


Pangaea’s Picks: Top Ten Fireplaces: 1.  Harry Leenders – Hands down, my fave for a suspended, rotating fireplace. Love the sleek lines. * 2.  EcoSmart’s Denatured Ethanol burning fireplaces can be set into a built in display or they have many free-standing styles. Environmentally friendly and renewable fuel is a plus. * * 3. This Eurofocus has nice clean lines and is angled to look great in a corner. * * 4. Rais is just simple and lovely. * * 5. What top ten list would be complete without the modern classic Fireorb? * * 6. Schulte Design has inset this little beauty into a modern coffee table. Open to use the fire and push the two sides together to conceal it and just use the coffee table. Brilliant! * * 7. Sparkfires has this wonderful 6 foot long Ribbon Fire. It really makes a great statement in a big room. * * 8. Of all the wall hung, ventless, flueless fireplaces, I love this one by Superior Fires called Scandium. * * 9. This is probably the most unique style I’ve seen for free standing ventless, flueless fireplaces. It’s minimal and beautiful. Wonder if I can just roll it along with me wherever I go? * * 10. I love fireplaces that incorporate a place to store the firewood. What a great idea! This Wittus Cubic wood burning stove stores plenty of wood and is large enough to feel like a built-in architectural feature. * * 1   Harry Leenders Suspended, Rotating Fireplace 2   EcoSmart Denatured Ethanol Burning Fireplace 3   Eurofocus Angled Corner Fireplace 4   Rais 5   Fireorb 6   Schulte Design Fire Furniture 7   Sparkfires Fire Ribbon 8   Superior Fires Scandium Wall Hung Fireplace 9   Conmoto Roll Fire 10  Wittus Cubic Fireplace Related Posts: The Warmth of Cool: Adding Visual Warmth With Accessories